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The Omnipresent President: T.V. Star or President?

It seems I cannot turn my television on nowadays without the President interrupting my delightful escapist programming with his mind-boggling version of reality and what is best for the country. I cannot even escape him when I go to school.

This guy is everywhere, talking about every thing and yet nothing is getting done. He came on like the second coming itself (and does actually believe he is our “savior,” albeit not a “Christian” one, God forbid), yet he has nothing to show for it.

Maybe, if he would get off my television for a bit, he could get some things accomplished. On second thought, maybe television is right where he should be to keep us all safe from his plans. I can change the channel much easier than I can find $900 billion.

Tonight he was on television again telling us what a great health-care reform plan he has. His plan will not only drive our country further down the path to bankruptcy, but it will allow employers an easy out of paying for their workers’ insurance.

All the stress from our country being in debt, higher taxes, trying to figure out how to participate in the “public” option because our employer dropped our nice, “private” one, is going to kill us all. It will not matter if we have health insurance or not.

We will be dead just from thinking about it. Dead or broke. We will be starving to death, but finally we will all have health insurance, dang it! Ridiculous. This is a crazy joke.

If I am an employer, and suddenly this “public” option is available, why would I continue to pay for my workers’ insurance? I would not. In his effort to insure those who are not currently insured, Obama is going to take away the insurance millions of people have now. The old switcheroo…hope you are paying attention.

Earlier this week, I had to watch him yet again, but this time it was right in the middle of my school day. He did not say any thing new. He did not say any thing controversial. He actually just said what we, as teachers, already say every day. Yet, he somehow believes he just thought of it.

I have to give him credit, though. I have to say he is one shrewd politician. What better way to ensure your reelection in four years?

His main strength was among younger voters. Who better to appeal to then current 14- to 18-year-olds, the very demographic that will be voting for the first time in the next election? This is a brilliant strategy to ensure the young will vote for him. He is indoctrinating them into the cult of Obama.

Good job, Obama. Way to continue to sell yourself; way to continue jamming up the air waves with your omnipresent smirk; way to continue making me find the darn remote. But, I have to say I am sorry, because a long time ago I swore I would not join a cult.

Economic Stimulus not very Stimulating

I have pored through countless articles. I have listened to numerous discussions by alleged experts. Politicians have filled my airwaves with their prattle. They say they are stimulating the economy by injecting billions of dollars into it. I have yet to feel a thing.

It is true, big business most assuredly is reaping the rewards. After talking to many ordinary people like myself, I am not alone in believing that this “economic stimulus” package has not been very stimulating for the rest of us.

Who exactly has benefitted from the $11.4 billion the government has doled out since Barack Obama became president? I do not know of any one personally who has. I have, however, been dismayed to hear it reported how these corporate louses are still making out. The thieves. How is it possible that the ones who lost all the money in the first place (and got paid to do it!) are getting giant paydays again? It totally astounds me.

These corporate yahoos continue to rake in all the dough, while I lose neighbors? Houses continue to go vacant around me and no one does a thing. What’s so stimulating about that?

My wife and I had a great neighbor, Julie, living directly behind us. We got along, we talked. On a couple of occasions, we even had dinner together. Now, she and her children are gone. She is a single mother and she could not afford to make her house payments anymore. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?

Julie said she was only struggling with three of her 12 house payments in the year. She worked full time, but with the expenses of two growing children coupled with rising food and energy costs, she could not keep up.

I asked Julie what it would take to make it so she could stay in her house. She just wished there was a way to lower her interest rate without having to refinance, thus avoiding the addition of more closing costs on top of an over-extended loan.

Why could this not have been part of the stimulus package? Why should homeowners not be able to get lower interest rates? Perhaps, some nice neighbors would not be lost because they would be able to keep their homes. Imagine that one.

“If I was a first-time homebuyer, there would be all kinds of help for me,” Julie said. “For people who don’t have a home, the stimulus package is great to help them get one. But, I have a home I am trying to make payments on, and there is no help for me.”

My neighbor has taken her two children and moved in with her mother. Her home now sits empty behind mine. She is trying to sell it, but will probably have to take a loss. Another house right next door to me also is empty now. It is so depressing to see these empty houses. I am so sad when I think of what great neighbors lived in those two houses and I wish there was a way they could come back.

On a trip this summer, I saw signs in several states that said certain road projects were funded by the economic stimulus package. I never once saw a sign stating, “The economic stimulus plan will help you keep your home.” Now, that would be quite the concept. Keep the people who already own homes in them!

They need to call this plan what it is. It is not economic stimulus — it is corporate welfare. Economic stimulus would keep people in their homes. Economic stimulus would help my wife and I raise our children without constantly stressing about money, despite our two good jobs. Economic stimulus should make me tingle with sheer excitement and joy — economic stimulus should be stimulating.  

Instead, I shake my head in dismay and irritation as another corporate honcho who got us into this fiasco receives a multimillion dollar bonus. If only I could mess up so bad.

Which Animated Movie Wins Top Prize?

As I was scanning the Internet recently, I noticed that Yahoo! had polled users to determine the number one animated movie of all time, listing the top 30 vote-getters (1). I thought that was an interesting poll and decided I wanted to conduct my own here. Here are a couple of things I noticed about the Yahoo! poll:

  1. The top four — Up, Wall-E, Bolt and Kung-Fu Panda (1-4, respectively) — are all very recent, playing in theaters in 2008 and 2009. I have not seen Kung-Fu Panda, so maybe I’m wrong, but I’m shocked it came in so high. The others did not surprise me as much. It is interesting how the fresher the movie in our minds, the better its chances.
  2. Some movies in the list I have never heard of such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. Has anyone heard of these in America? Were these movies even released here?
  3. Movies including Toy Story (9), Finding Nemo (14), Aladdin (16), Little Mermaid (18) and Monsters, Inc. (20) came in much lower than I expected. (Also, Shrek and Cars were way down the list!)
  4. Shrek 2 (26) and the 1986 animated version of The Transformers: The Movie actually made the list and never should have.
  5. Only two classics made the cut — the 1950 Cinderella (25) and 1955 Lady and the Tramp (21).
  6. No surprise here — Disney maintains its dominance in the animated world, at least as far as the results go.
  7. I am surprised that there are some movies missing and they are ones that I would have put near the top, one of which is Horton Hears a Who. That would be my number two, for sure. It is one of the few movies I can watch 100 times with my sons and still want to see again!
  8. While I do think Up was fantastic, I think Wall-E should have taken the top slot. That movie not only entertained, it made you think. It was a vibrant and fresh parable of modern man’s malaise.
  9. Well, take the poll here yourself and tell us all what you think!
  10. Enjoy!

Yahoo!’s results can be viewed at:


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