My name is John VanPelt. I spent five years working in the newspaper industry as a reporter, photographer, darkroom manager and editor. Since 2002, I have been a teacher of journalism and English.

This page is just one more way for me to shout from the mountaintops about my love of knowledge and learning. I will express my opinions on current events topics from around the world.

Feel free to express yourselves as well or to pass along suggestions for topics. The more we can exchange ideas, the more we can learn. I tend to be very strong in my opinions, but that does not mean to say I cannot be swayed by a sound argument.

Thanks for checking out my page. I hope you enjoy your time here.


John VanPelt

Educator and Lifelong Learner

3 responses to “About

  1. Where do these comments show up?

    • John i am a former investigative journalists who published a local paper here but retired last year. We have what looks like a schlitterbahn scam going on down here with a local developer who is claiming to bring schlitterbahn but is merely getting licensed by them and is requesting $117million in incentives. Smells badly, i am having a hard time finding info since about 2009 on schlitterbahn in KC. have heard everything from its going great guns and expanding to its going broke. would appreciate any info. greatblueheron777@yahoo.com john kelley

      • Vantage Point Productions

        I am sorry I did not see this until now. Due to having two young children and a demanding job, I have let this site slide. I will look into it. I have contended, and still do, that Schlitterbahn is a rip-off. I would not be surprised if they are making a killing at taxpayers’ expense. What corporation isn’t?

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