When Anything Goes, Everything Goes

Weed, grass, pot…let ’em smoke it. Gay, homosexual, partners…let ’em put a ring on it. Inconvenient, unintended, accident…let ’em kill it. Decent, moral, compassionate…let ’em all just forget it.

When I read an article by Jacob Weisberg in a recent issue of Newsweek, that is exactly the message I took away from it. Weisberg seems to think if enough people want to do something, every one else should just get out of the way and let them do it. My problem with this short-sightedness is that when anything goes, everything goes.

“Our forms of prohibition are more sins of omission than commission,” Weisberg writes in the article, titled, “Gay Marriage & Marijuana: You can’t stop either. Why that’s good.”* “Rather than trying to take away long-standing rights, they’re instances of conservative laws failing to keep pace with a liberalizing society.”

While I do think too many in the media would love it if Americans could just lounge around all day massaging their same-sex spouses, inhaling cannabis, eating Doritos and shooting babies with BB guns, I do think a majority of Americans still disagree. Certain elements of society — namely, the media — are “liberalizing,” but many Americans such as myself feel like a lot of this is being shoved down our throats. We are starting to choke.

Weisberg quotes the president, Barack Obama, saying, “‘I inhaled — that was the point.'”*  That is just one more reason I am glad I did not vote for the man. Seriously, even when he admits he consumed illegal drugs, Obama does it in a condescending way.

Pointing out that the bastion of conservative ideology, The New York Times, (can you hear my sarcasm?) has recognized gay unions on its wedding pages for the past seven years, Weisberg says this reflects “evolving social norms.”* I say this is just another example of a media outlet foisting its views on us.

Weisberg writes, “What’s advancing the decriminalization of marijuana is not just the demand for pot as medicine but the number of adults — more than 23 million in the past year…who use it and don’t believe they should face legal jeopardy.”*

Wow, I am amazed the “but Mom, everybody else is doing it” excuse can be used at any age now. Weisberg calls this the “evolving definition of the pursuit of happiness.”* I call this another example of our declining civilization.

Rome crumbled once the societal elites turned to hedonism. Is that the path we wish to travel? Should we let just anything go?

Discussing the relaxing of marijuana laws, Weisberg reports, “In L.A., you need only tell an on-site doctor at a walk-in pot emporium that you feel anxious to walk out with a legal bag of Captain Kush.”* Well, I have to stay up late to get this article done. How long before I can step into a walk-in methamphetamine boutique to pick up some Captain Keep-Me-Awake?

This is exactly my point. Where do we draw the line? When does it stop? Who is going to stand up and yell, “Enough!”? When are we going to realize what I said before — when anything goes, everything goes?

I do not think the problem is that society is becoming more liberal. I think the problem is that we are becoming weak and spineless.

We are too afraid of appearing judgmental. We are too afraid of being deemed politically incorrect. We are too afraid of causing offense.

I say the whole thing about not judging others is a load of crap. We judge others all the time. It is in our nature to do so. If I hurt your feelings and you think I am politically incorrect, go cry to your mama. If I offend, maybe you should be offended. Perhaps that is exactly what you need.

* Quotes from the article, “Gay Marriage & Marijuana: You can’t stop either. Why that’s good.” Newsweek. Nov. 9, 2009. (24).

11 responses to “When Anything Goes, Everything Goes

  1. Oops. Didn’t comment fast on your comment! “EE” is short for “electrical engineer”. Discrimination has a precise technical meaning for a EE, and in fact is somewhat of a technical term in general. The common usage with its negative connotations is not at the top of Webster’s definitions of the word.

    (This is Miles, who now has a WP account. 8^)

  2. Gee John, your articles are getting so interesting.

  3. I think it is like you said the media tries to influence us. Take a movie like knocked up. The message that I got is about owning up to responsibility, yet the person who does the knocking is a marijuana user. They could have taken that part out of the movie, and it would be a great movie. If the point was that the drug user stop using drugs and then became responsible I could see that, but it never really covered whether he quit, but he does become responsible and gets a job in order to support his child. The funny thing about this movie is that it only warranted a PG-13 rating; however, if there is sex in a movie you get an R rating. Somehow I do not think the rating system is accurate.

  4. marijuana is known as the gateway drug because it leads to other drug use. It is like when someone has taken that step to use drugs then everything is okay.

  5. Roger that! We are well on our way to becoming Rome. It’s no wonder some people want this country destroyed. Hint: It’s not just the fault of stupid tourists and jimgoism. It’s also the decadence we’re pushing not only on our own country, but exporting for all we’re worth.

    BTW, dear meaid, please take note: discrimination is NOT a bad thing– just ask a EE. And if judging is bad, we should disband the entire judicial arm of the government, from federal to local. But the words have come to be defined by their worst case, and the broader, necessary and good senses of them have been thrown out. Therein lies madness.

    • Argh! “meaid” => “media”

    • Vantage Point Productions


      It is good to hear from you! You always comment so fast. I have to say it makes me feel good.

      Thank you for your input. As always, you provide some good points. It is much appreciated.

      Just a quick question. What is “EE?”

      Take care.


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