Need to be Cured of Drug Commercials

Leg won’t stop shaking? Here, swallow this pill. Eyelashes not long or thick enough? Here, take a swig of this. Scared to meet new people? No problem, we can fix that. Sex life not quite what it used to be? Believe me, we’ve got you covered.

It seems there is a drug for every possible malady nowadays. There are so many things called “sicknesses,” “disorders,” or “diseases” now that I never even knew existed, and somewhere on the market, there is a drug to cure each and every one of them.

Until I found out what RLS meant, I was wondering why they were drugging the Mormons. Now, thanks to Requip of course, we all know that RLS is an acronym for “Restless Leg Syndrome.” Who knew there was such a thing? I always thought if someone’s leg was shaking, they had to go to the bathroom (of course, there are plenty of drugs to help dampen those urges, too).

I was so shocked the other day to see an advertisement on television for a drug called “Latisse” that actually claims to make eyelashes thicker. I guess this is for the women who do not have the time for mascara. Of course, it comes with a warning about how it might irritate your eyes. It does not seem like it would be worth it to me. Big eyelashes, but red, irritated, watery eyes. What a strange trade.

The social anxiety commercial always makes me laugh. I believe it is for a drug called “Clarocet.” The actor in the advertisement is so happy to be out at a party, finally able to mingle with people again. The funny part is when the side effects are listed. It is totally hilarious.

“May cause diarrhea, incontinence, bladder-control problems, sudden mood swings and/or impotence.” Wow, that is totally amazing. Whoever takes that drug is going to be the life of the party.

They will want to mix and mingle. All their fear of social interaction will be gone. The only problem is going to arise when they wet themselves while going bipolar on the other party guests. Yeah, they will be going out again real soon after that. Seems like they should have just embraced their anxiety.

The whole impotence thing leads us up to my last complaint. What is it with all these Viagra and Cialis commercials? I was watching the American League Championship Series the other night and it seemed like every other commercial was for these two pills. What in the heck is going on? Can’t this go back to being a private matter?

I am so tired of seeing those people in the tub. I wish they would just be clean already. Does Cialis really just make you want to take a really long bath outside while the sun sets? Perhaps these men do not need the drug at all. It is the inordinate amount of time they spend in the bathtub that is causing the problem.

It is time to return to the better days of the past, when I could turn on the T.V. and not be confronted with all these advertisements for drugs. We all need medicine some time. We know where to get it, and our doctor or pharmacist can help us figure out what to get. We do not need the T.V. to tell us.

13 responses to “Need to be Cured of Drug Commercials

  1. Regarding the pill commercial with the people in two separate bathtubs… Maybe the guy would have less of a problem if he’d at least get near the lady in the other bathtub. Proximaty is key 🙂

    • Vantage Point Productions


      That is an extremely valid point. Isn’t there one where there in the same tub, too? I thought they were in the same tub in the one I saw. Anyway, seperate tubs definitely complicates things!


  2. and you know john, I am still at loss as to why a drug would cost less without insurance. Insurance is suppose to reduce the cost to you, but my water pill is just one example of many. I think this is one of the issues that needs to be investigated, in order to bring about health care reform. Unfortunately, we have a president who has shown is for corporate America and not the working class folks.

  3. John, you crack me up. I was trying to keep it clean. The water pill I was referring to is the kind that makes you urinate often in order to keep the blood pressure down.

    • Vantage Point Productions

      Oh, ha! I was wondering why you were knowingly taking a “water” pill. I thought you would know it would not work if you knew it was fake! LOL.

      My point still holds, though. Placebos are nearly as effective as the real thing in almost every drug trial. That has to be telling us something. We can use our minds, instead of medicine, to fight our shakin’ legs!


  4. Oh, and awesome observations on the commercials, btw. Hilarious!!

    • Vantage Point Productions


      Thanks! I’m glad they made you laugh. They made me laugh, too! I thought the “drugging Mormons” one was pretty dang good! I actually laughed out loud when I typed it! I really do appreciate your kind words.


  5. Amen to John and Walter! We live in a sick world where drug companies have found the best way to quick & easy profit is to invent “conditions” (because if it isn’t a condition, insurance won’t pay for it) to advertise a drug to potential patients so they will ask their doctor for it. If you have a true condition, the doc should know what to do, and if necessary, what to prescribe. The but the drug companies need it this way so they can make high profits to reinvest in their R&D…… so they can invent new disorders that need new drugs that need new marketing to new patients….. Talk about the need for health care reform, sheesh!

    • Vantage Point Productions


      You nailed it. That is so true. I had not really thought of it that way. Inventing “conditions” so you can then medicate them. Brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that. It makes a lot of sense. If they run out of diseases, they run out of new drugs to sell us! Wow, that really shines a new light on the problem.


  6. The problem I think starts with the doctors. I could probably go to my doctor and get whatever type medication I wanted. If I said I have a cold he would prescribe me antibiotics. If I had a problem with something else- the doctor would do the samething. I have never been big on medication. The only thing I take which is prescribed is my high blood pressure, and high cholesterol meds. I think the problem starts with the doctor/patients. In the old days doctors would only prescribe medication if they thought it was absolutely necessary. Now doctors are actually getting kick backs from drug companies for prescribing their drugs. I guess doctor do not have conflict of interests. The other thing I found interesting is that I take for lack of a better term- a water pill, which without insurance was a third of the cost. It actually cost me more with a insurance co-pay than it would without.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      You are so right and your point is such a good one. If it is true that doctors are getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, that is a definite conflict of interest and should not be allowed. It’s all a shell game. Water or sugar pills do the same as other medicines. It’s all in our heads.


  7. YES YES yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

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