The Omnipresent President: T.V. Star or President?

It seems I cannot turn my television on nowadays without the President interrupting my delightful escapist programming with his mind-boggling version of reality and what is best for the country. I cannot even escape him when I go to school.

This guy is everywhere, talking about every thing and yet nothing is getting done. He came on like the second coming itself (and does actually believe he is our “savior,” albeit not a “Christian” one, God forbid), yet he has nothing to show for it.

Maybe, if he would get off my television for a bit, he could get some things accomplished. On second thought, maybe television is right where he should be to keep us all safe from his plans. I can change the channel much easier than I can find $900 billion.

Tonight he was on television again telling us what a great health-care reform plan he has. His plan will not only drive our country further down the path to bankruptcy, but it will allow employers an easy out of paying for their workers’ insurance.

All the stress from our country being in debt, higher taxes, trying to figure out how to participate in the “public” option because our employer dropped our nice, “private” one, is going to kill us all. It will not matter if we have health insurance or not.

We will be dead just from thinking about it. Dead or broke. We will be starving to death, but finally we will all have health insurance, dang it! Ridiculous. This is a crazy joke.

If I am an employer, and suddenly this “public” option is available, why would I continue to pay for my workers’ insurance? I would not. In his effort to insure those who are not currently insured, Obama is going to take away the insurance millions of people have now. The old switcheroo…hope you are paying attention.

Earlier this week, I had to watch him yet again, but this time it was right in the middle of my school day. He did not say any thing new. He did not say any thing controversial. He actually just said what we, as teachers, already say every day. Yet, he somehow believes he just thought of it.

I have to give him credit, though. I have to say he is one shrewd politician. What better way to ensure your reelection in four years?

His main strength was among younger voters. Who better to appeal to then current 14- to 18-year-olds, the very demographic that will be voting for the first time in the next election? This is a brilliant strategy to ensure the young will vote for him. He is indoctrinating them into the cult of Obama.

Good job, Obama. Way to continue to sell yourself; way to continue jamming up the air waves with your omnipresent smirk; way to continue making me find the darn remote. But, I have to say I am sorry, because a long time ago I swore I would not join a cult.

16 responses to “The Omnipresent President: T.V. Star or President?

  1. Oh I know, what I do not understand is why if they truly want to reform it, that they do not look at what is driving the costs up. I have read where people actually found it cheaper to drive to the country of Mexico and buy their prescriptions there. That would keep everything in place but simply lessen the cost.

    • Vantage Point Productions

      We are the country that makes it possible for other countries to get inexpenive pharmaceuticals. We pay the premium prices here, thus funding most of the research and development, while other countries pay wholesale prices. I do think the reason for this is pure economics. We are the ones who can afford it (in general terms).


  2. I should make a correction that Sarah Palin put it on her facebook page and the media got wind of it and went with it. There are so many problems though about the health care reform that I think people are not aware. Someone mentioned having insurance. First, I think your right john in the fact that the employer will cut back on your health care beneficts, if the government option becomes available. I have already seen it: My employer due to budget constraints cut back what they pay for my health care insurance, and it went up twelve percent. The government has already said next year they are cutting back on social security because it is so expensive and the economy. So, how is the health care reform a very costly expense going to be any different? From a business sense when the economy or business is bad you have to cut back on expenses usually in the form of services offered. The other thing is that having health insurance for everyone is not necessarily a solution. Health insurance companies are for profit, and you see this time and again in the form of either pre-existing conditions, or the procedures that they opt not to cover. In other words when you get too expensive, the company just opts not to cover you. How is the government health reform going to be any different?? I know people on media care, and they have the same type of protocol. In reality health insurance or media care works if you only go to a family doctor. Something major happens, hopefully you can get it covered.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      That is my main concern with the health plan as proposed. If the government is going to offer a “public” option, this will allow employers to quit offering health insurance at work. For that reason, this plan is going to backfire.

      There is no incentive for businesses to keep offering the plans they do currently. It only makes sense for businesses to drop health plans and let employees get insurance from the government.

      The effort to get the millions of people without insurance covered is actually going to lead to millions of other people losing the insurance they have now. It’s like the old comedy routine where you keep taking your luggage off the airport carousel and everytime you turn your back someone next to you keeps putting it back on, just in reverse and not funny. Millions will be put on the health care carousel, while millions more are being taken off. It will not work if that is the case.

      There needs to be some way to make it worth the while of businesses to keep the plans that are in place now. If not, this plan is doomed to failure.

      Thanks, Walt, for clarifying your previous comment. Take care.


  3. My sister was just saying this same thing to me not long ago about how a day doesn’t go by when you don’t see Obama on TV! That seems a little much to me too. It must take up a lot of time.

    • Vantage Point Productions

      Mrs. Auckly,

      It just seems his job ought to keep him so busy, and yet, he finds so much time to get on television. I don’t quite get it. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Ok, so you clearly have health insurance already and are not all that concerned about the millions that don’t. Fair enough (but hardly very Christian, imo) — many, maybe most, middle class Americans are right there with you. But the structure of our current system is slowly pushing employers to drastically reduce or cut back on health benefits anyway (good article about this on Slate today:…so give Obama some credit for at least trying to address that problem, which is more than Bush ever tried to do.

    Is he on TV too much? Not in my opinion. Is it inappropriate for any POTUS (R or D) to give American students a pep talk about the value of education? Hell no. Has he accomplished too little, or is he doing too much at once? That depends on your perspective, because I constantly hear both points of view from his critics. Personally, I think his energy is refreshing; and if he just passes a health reform bill, he will have met the expectation I had when I campaigned for him. Anything else (and I expect he will accomplish plenty) will just be icing on the cake.

    Just another perspective. Best wishes.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      You are right, I do have health insurance. It is not the greatest for me personally (my wife and boys have the much better coverage), but I have had the blessing of reasonably good health, so it has not mattered quite so much to me.

      It is not fair of you to say I am not concerned about the millions of people who are not insured. This is exactly my problem with people who support Obama. If you are against his plan simply because you think it will not work, you must not care about your fellow man.

      I do care. I care deeply. Sometimes, I care too much, such as the time I had only $17 left in my bank account and was living in a roach-infested apartment, yet I still gave the guy $5 out of the $8 I had in my wallet. For the next week, I ate $1 sandwiches every day until I got paid again, scrounging for change in the cushions at the end just to get a Quiktrip sandwich.

      Right after giving him the money, a guy riding by on a bicycle asked me if I realized who I had just given money to. I said some poor guy. The bicyclist then informed me that this “poor guy” had been written up in the Kansas City Star because he earned more than $50,000 a year begging for money and did not pay one penny in tax. The city was trying to get him to pay tax, but since all his money was a “gift” from people, he did not have to pay. I was also informed that the guy was not homeless as he claimed. The Star article said he had a four bedroom, three bath house in Overland Park, Kansas. So, not only did I feel stupid, but I had to be even more hungry because of him.

      Here I was, trying to work hard at a night job and to afford school in the day and this guy was bringing in more than five times the money I was at the time. Here I was, living in a roach-infested, tiny apartment and this guy was living in a giant house. Here I was, barely getting enough to eat out of a QT sandwich and this guy was getting fat off of my $5.

      But, you are right, Holly. I must not care about my fellow man.

      I do think something needs to be done; I just do not think Obama’s plan is the answer. I should be able to say so without my words being misconstrued and twisted.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to read the article and to comment. I’m sure there are parts of the plan that contain good ideas. I just think, overall, it is not the right plan.

      That does not mean I do not care about my fellow man. That does not mean that I am not Christian in my compassion for the needs and suffering of others.

      Thank you.


  5. there are two inherent problems that I see already with the health care reform: I had government insurance, and it worked only for people who were already healthy. You can take a look at the VA hospital, truman east. Under staffed, under funded and waiting lines for people who need health care, and we are going to make this now nation wide. Second, I never seen anything that the government ran, that they ran well: the budget- they over spend, and keep on borrowing money. A foreign country does have to take over our country militarily, they could just buy up our debts, and they would own it. Social security- they are talking about lowering what they pay, because they can not afford it. I already mentioned health care, but now media care has copays, and there is less and less on what they will cover- because guess what the government can not afford it. Anytime you have less money to spend, then as a business necessity you have to cut back on services. I firmly believe that this type of health care reform will be a big mistake.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      We do not have the perfect system here, but I really do not foresee the government making it better. As you say, I think it will be worse.

      As far as our indebtedness to foreign countries goes, we are already owned by China. If they called for their debts to be paid, we could not do it. They totally own us already.

      So, you’re right. If the government just tries to add more on its plate, we are only going to have to borrow more, thus granting more power to China and other foreign players.

      Also, I like government to be involved in my personal life as little as possible. I cannot imagine anything much more personal than my health. There are already cameras everywhere watching us all the time. Now, they will be the custodians of my health care and records. Great. Why don’t I just invite them all over to live in my house?

      Thanks, Walt, for your comments. Have a great day.


  6. Obama reminds me of Hermann Edwards- both great talkers, but obviously one could not deliver and the vote is still out on Obama. I am waiting in a couple of years for Obama to say we are still “restructuring.” Then I will say I told you so. The problem with the health care reform is that is not really not designed at driving down the cost of health care. If you want to reform it and make it affordable for everyone, why don’t you become informed and look at the costs that drive health care up such as malpractice insurance. There are doctors who have never had a claim, but are leaving Missouri to go to Kansas because of insurance. It was probably eight maybe ten years ago that they reformed automobile insurance because it was mandatory to have it, and they kept raising the cost. I wonder if this will not happen with the health care reform- you have to have it, so they can keep raising the rates. To add to this confusion over the health care issue is you have people like Sarah Palin quoted as saying the health care reform is a “death panel.” The media lost track of its responsibility along time ago which is to inform not influence. That one comment they kept going for months. The truth is that they are not death panels. They are end of life counciling already in place with media care, and they are designed to provide the best medical care for terminal patients. In other words how to make them comfortable in their last days.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      I did not know where the whole “death panel” debacle started. Thanks for letting me know.

      Sometimes, it is hard for the media to properly explain a story, so they resort to stupidity instead. It is more of the dumbing-down of America.

      “Health care reform is too complex to explain, so let’s just talk more about Sarah Palin.” It’s asinine.

      A journalist’s job is to find a way to explain complex things in a non-complex way. They are not doing their jobs because they are lazy and they underestimate their audience. This is a disservice to their readers.

      Thanks, Walt. Take care.


  7. Ha. I figure any time spent by a major politician in my home is time s/he’s not out making new laws. Besides, it’ll be fun to have a discussion about how little the stimulus packages have done for me, especially when I have him listen in while we start calling creditors!

  8. I could not, in good conscience, vote. There was no “I do not have a TV” or “I do not watch TV” option.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      I am sorry about that. Sad to say, I did not even think of including that as an option. That is so awesome of you to not have a television! Your “Do not have a TV” vote is duly noted! Thanks!

      (You better watch out, though…I heard Obama say he was going to show up at anyone’s house who does not have or watch TV! He’ll be in your living room so much, I guarantee you’ll be hooked to the tube fast just to get him to go away!)


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