Sticky Gum on Shoe is Pet Peeve

sticky situation copy

People who chew gum and then proceed to spit it out on the ground should be forced to step on, pick off shoe and chew said gum some more. I am so tired of stepping in other people’s gum. It is truly disgusting.

Who are these people who spit their gum in parking lots and on classroom floors? Have they never stepped in gum before? Hasn’t everyone? Did they like it or something?

In my flip-flops today in the grocery store parking lot, I was about to step into the car when I suddenly adhered to the asphalt. Something warm and gooey had a hold of me. I lifted my foot up and the horrid adhesive rose with me.

It was so gross. I proceeded to drive with my foot sticking to the pedals because I could not get all of the gum off. It was inside the tiny treads of my flip-flops.

This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. I just do not understand how this can happen. You must know your gum just fell out of your mouth. Pick it up and throw it in a proper receptacle! Don’t leave it for my shoe!

I could go on about this for much longer, but it is time for me to get on the road. Take care everyone. Feel free to leave your own comments (maybe even some of your own pet peeves!) below. Thanks.



7 responses to “Sticky Gum on Shoe is Pet Peeve

  1. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at
    Cheers, Sheila

  2. That grosses me out too. I have taught my kids to keep the wrapper with them to throw it away later.

    It rates up there with tobacco spit on the floor. When I used to work for the Royals, I had these guys in my section spitting on the ground. It made me so mad that I purposely gave them a cup and told them to use it or else. Don’t people have any manners or respect for others?

    • Vantage Point Productions


      People are so disgusting. You may not believe this, but when I used to work as a dealer at a casino, I discovered that people will pee in the change cups or just wet themselves to avoid losing their slot machine. Crazy stuff.


  3. bobby rabinowitz

    well i do spit my gum out but i at least throw it in the grass or out of peoples ways so that doesnt happen. But i also hate this so much. And why didnt you just take off your flip flop and drive wit your bare foot

    • Vantage Point Productions


      Yuck. Why can’t you swallow it or find a trash can? I actually tried that, but because I had already tried driving with my flip flop on the gum had already adhered to the pedal, so then I was stepping in it barefoot and that was even worse. I don’t really know why, but I think I’d rather step in dog poo barefoot than someone else’s gum!


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