Which Animated Movie Wins Top Prize?

As I was scanning the Internet recently, I noticed that Yahoo! had polled users to determine the number one animated movie of all time, listing the top 30 vote-getters (1). I thought that was an interesting poll and decided I wanted to conduct my own here. Here are a couple of things I noticed about the Yahoo! poll:

  1. The top four — Up, Wall-E, Bolt and Kung-Fu Panda (1-4, respectively) — are all very recent, playing in theaters in 2008 and 2009. I have not seen Kung-Fu Panda, so maybe I’m wrong, but I’m shocked it came in so high. The others did not surprise me as much. It is interesting how the fresher the movie in our minds, the better its chances.
  2. Some movies in the list I have never heard of such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. Has anyone heard of these in America? Were these movies even released here?
  3. Movies including Toy Story (9), Finding Nemo (14), Aladdin (16), Little Mermaid (18) and Monsters, Inc. (20) came in much lower than I expected. (Also, Shrek and Cars were way down the list!)
  4. Shrek 2 (26) and the 1986 animated version of The Transformers: The Movie actually made the list and never should have.
  5. Only two classics made the cut — the 1950 Cinderella (25) and 1955 Lady and the Tramp (21).
  6. No surprise here — Disney maintains its dominance in the animated world, at least as far as the results go.
  7. I am surprised that there are some movies missing and they are ones that I would have put near the top, one of which is Horton Hears a Who. That would be my number two, for sure. It is one of the few movies I can watch 100 times with my sons and still want to see again!
  8. While I do think Up was fantastic, I think Wall-E should have taken the top slot. That movie not only entertained, it made you think. It was a vibrant and fresh parable of modern man’s malaise.
  9. Well, take the poll here yourself and tell us all what you think!
  10. Enjoy!

Yahoo!’s results can be viewed at:



8 responses to “Which Animated Movie Wins Top Prize?

  1. Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Castle in the Sky, are all Japanese animation movies by a really famous director/animator, Hayao Miyazaki.

    Although the movies are definitely different– In Spirited Away her parents turn into pigs, in Howls Moving Castle the main character is put under spells, Etc etc– The utter weirdness of them bumps up the number of viewers.

    I actually have them all on DVD (Yes, I’m a nerd like that) and really, never get tired of watching them.

    Just thought I’d share.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      I really appreciate you sharing. It sounds like something I ought to give a chance. I do strive to be an open-minded person (at least giving everything one shot!). Thanks for your input. I will check them out some day. They most be pretty decent and well-known or they would not have made that Yahoo list in the first place, I guess. Take care.


  2. Some of those movies are Japenese animation such as spirited away which was a decent flick and deeper in scope then some of the disney favorites.

    Recent movies are not better, except perhaps visually, but it shows you the short attention span of the people watching.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      I do not watch much Japanese animation. Actually, maybe none. I know some of students really love it.

      And, I think it’s more a matter of recency and short-term memory than short attention spans. We go with what is most rapidly accessed in our brain and that tends to be recent events. Interesting.


  3. so.
    after pondering this situation..
    i pretty much like all disney movies ive seen.
    but anastasia is definitly my favorite.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      You crack me up. I do not believe I have ever seen the movie, “Anastasia,” although I should since that is my grandma’s real first name (she goes by “Daisy”). I absolutely adore “Land Before Time.” Take care, Tayci. Thanks for your vote!


  4. oh..and the Land Before Time.
    All of those i still have.
    and watch secretly from time to time.
    theose things make me smile.

  5. anastasia!(:

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