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4 responses to “Michael Jackson Poll

  1. Michael Jackson to me was a troubled man. He also chose to perform, which means he also chooses the problems that come with it. Michael needed to be on the stage, his family and friends said so himself. He chose to do stunts that garnered him publicity, like hanging his baby over the railing, or dancing on the roof of the SUV as prime examples.

    Now this does not condone the excess of some fan’s fervor, but the fans are not the only one’s at fault.

    Michael was a superb performer and singer. He’s the one that can say enough is enough. If it means being a hermit, you can do that really well with 500 million.

    • Vantage Point Productions


      That is true. See my counter-argument to Bill’s reply below. You stated a good point that I did not even think about. With $500 million, I am certain I could build an impenetrable fortress around myself if I so desired!


  2. This is a multifaceted question, and as such, so is the answer. I certainly believe Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop”, as well as “Just a Musician”, although I wouldn’t say “like all the others”. Album sales and popularity tell the story here, and that story is absolutely unique.

    I believe some of what Michael Jackson became was a product of the people: the fans, the media, and the profiteers. We as a society haunt our celebrities to the point of pushing them over the brink of sanity. Few performers have the ability/stability to manage it; Most do not. Some become hermits (Jackson, Springsteen). Some refuse to perform again (Barbara Streisand) and some commit suicide (Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe). The majority fall to vices to help them deal, which also leads to an early release from the earthly coil (Elvis, John Belushi, Andy Gibb, Bruce Lee, etc.) Its the collective ‘we’ that drive them to it.

    You either enjoyed Michael Jackson’s work, or you didn’t. You can’t deny his success.

    In any case, God help the people we favor. They will need it.


    • Vantage Point Productions


      Your opinion is so powerfully stated. You posted a truly awesome comment that really made me think. I do not disagree with you. The Machine churns people out and, many suffer from that churning. Awesome close by the way! Very well said! Fantastic!

      The only counter I have to your argument is, what about the ones who handle it? I think if you considered all famous entertainers, athletes, etc…, you would find that the vast majority do handle it. Just like anything else, we only hear about the “bad” ones. What is it that allows some famous people to handle the pressure and others to simply crumble?


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