Hello world!

Hello to everyone — my friends, my family and all the friends I’ve yet to meet. I hope you enjoy my opinion. You may not agree and that is okay. Actually, that is the beauty of it, for therein lies the ability to learn from each other. It is not until the day I am dead that my quest for learning in this world ends. Take care.


10 responses to “Hello world!

  1. bobby rabinowitz

    dang people in this world are crazy

  2. bobby rabinowitz

    sorry i meant i agree the world has lost its mind and is going diwnown hill wit peoples stupidity

    • Thanks Bobby for your reply. You are correct, sir. We are on a rapid descent and, it seems, we forgot the brakes.

  3. bobby rabinowitz

    i agree i world has lost its mind and is going dityown hill wit peoples stupid

  4. the lady who made this comment is a goof and avoiding the real issue of helath care reform. lame.
    what are you holding in your hand at the top of the picture?

    • I was confused for a second because I thought you were talking about my Hello World greeting and the only lady in this one is Nelda, who said hello to me. LOL.

      Yes, the CNN interviewee is a goof. I completely agree. She is another member of the rapidly-reaching-capacity dunce club.

      I am holding a little umbrella. I thought it was kind of symbolic, you know, keeping out the storms of the world or something like that. Plus, I thought it was funny.

      Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! I have added a way to subscribe for free if you would like to know when I have new material on here! Just if you want to!

      Take care and have an outstanding day.



  5. I spelled my own name wrong. Oops.

  6. Yay! Love it and am looking forward to reading / following your blog.


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